With having a strong social media presence you can reach more clients in larger numbers.

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Most advertising today is done through social media content. Capturing a clients attention in a professional manner is crucial to advertising online. With our high end camera gear, and creativity we can create your vision to bring in target clients.

My Process

I like to begin with a meeting to discuss your vision and create a storyboard. Once a storyboard is made we can arrange a day to start filming. 

The first draft will be sent over soon after for approval and to make minor changes. We can deliver the finished video in a digital file version or USB.

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More Info

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First and foremost, I would like the opportunity to express that it is very rare to meet a person as understanding as Zachary. I could tell that from the moment I met him. The good things about him just kept coming from him and his enlightening demeanors, not surprising at all as we met more often and allowed our minds to run free with imagination of future projects he has always been able to “wow” me with his work.... He is very easy to work with and I find he is very adaptable in recreating the visions and thoughts before or at the same time of expression. I have yet to see him frustrated which is a great quality, which I see great value. Zachary is always very professional and his work just gets better every time I have had the pleasure to be shown his newest projects when they are released. Oh did I mention his rates are far better than what's being pushed by the bigger companies. You want exceptional work for an honest dollar? Look no farther than Zachary who I now call a friend, not a business colleague.

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Niall Schofield


Zachary was amazing to work with. He put us at ease and was engaging and flexible. He was able to take our ideas and transform them into something so much better than we had envisioned. Creative, provocative and sincere, we look forward to working with him in the future.

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Ryan Davidson


I would highly recommend Zach James Media to anyone that is wanting to standout in today’s competitive market, Zach was able to capture our vision when creating a promotional video highlighting our new robotic shop capabilities with very little guidance.

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